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Travel Package Deals

Enjoy your travels.

A sign of a good package is one that is flexible. Holiday travel packages were never made with only one person in mind.

Packages will be very different, no two people are alike.

A good package should always have options to suit your needs,

A good agent can be really flexible, push them a bit, that’s what they are paid for. One example would be if you want a rental car for the first half of your trip but you want to get rid of it by the second half, the agent can arrange this for you, sometimes for a cheaper price, being able to choose the type of car would also be a bonus. Choices of similar hotels with similar pricing would require a bit more homework.

Traveling during holidays is not always a wise decision, as almost every other person in the world is traveling. Having school going children puts you into a special category, travel dates are not very flexible but there many options.

It’s best to plan well ahead or book a few days earlier to get to your destination to avoid the rush.

                                Look for add-ons like excursion discounts etc.

An all-inclusive holiday is perfect if you have a tight budget, once you have paid for the initial holiday, you needn’t worry about spending more money once you’re there. All essentials are sorted for you, leaving you with the opportunity to relax.

There are items which may be included in your all- inclusive holiday but will depend on the type of all -inclusive package you have booked, it’s always best to check with your travel agent prior to confirming your booking.

 For example, there are “Ultra-All Inclusive” resorts which can include all meals, snacks, 24 hour drinks, entertainment and even water sports and other activities.

However, there are also

“All Inclusive Lite” resorts where only your meals and selected drinks are included but they may not include snacks, entertainment and other activities.

Travel agents may give you the best deal for your package, which normally include airfare, lodgings and transportation, but be sure that the package you want is available.

Some agents advertise too-good-to-be-true packages which end up being “sold out” so before you make a deal or transfer cash; make sure that it is still available.

Be sure to know exactly what airline and route your taking, you don’t want those unpleasant layovers which can be a real pain

Speak to your agent; most have great travel package deals, they are there to help you plan a great holiday.

Happy Travelling

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